Why Does Handwriting Have a Positive Effect on the Brain?

Handwriting really is good for the soul and the brain too! We’ve spoken to some awesome creative influencers to find out why there is a good relationship between handwriting and the brain.

Justin Avery, a handwriting enthusiast who created the company BackPocket Notebooks, told us two reasons why handwriting has such a positive effect on the brain.

1) Writing things down helps your brain retain information

He says: “I spend a lot of time on my laptop coding websites and designing notebooks. Whenever I go into a meeting I always take a notebook and pen rather than a laptop or a tablet.

“The act of writing something down forces you to focus on what’s being written. I’ve always said that writing things down in a notebook helps you mentally retain it far better than jotting it down on the computer or smart phone.”

2) You don’t get distracted when you write things down

Justin says: “It’s much harder to get distracted when you are writing in a notebook. Yes, you could start doodling but at least that is creative.

“With a laptop you’ve got Twitter, Facebook, your emails and a ton of other things vying for your attention and distracting you from what is being said.”

TOP TIP: The next meeting you have try removing the distraction and taking a pen and paper instead.

3) Handwriting is relaxing

Craft blogger Ruth Cartwright agrees with us that handwriting is good for the soul. She says: “There is something quite meditative about the rhythm of handwriting. I like to practise my fonts, I find it relaxing”.

4) Sleep therapy

Notebook and pen next to bed - handwriting and the brain

Many counsellors and therapists suggest keeping a notebook and pen by the side of your bed so if you are suffering from insomnia you can jot down your worries and stresses. The idea is that it helps remove negative thoughts from your head and means you can get some much needed sleep.

5) You feel a better connection with what you are writing

Sarah-Jane Page an enthusiastic tutor from EASTuition says : “Writing by hand somehow connects you more with yourself, it stimulates a visceral vitality you can’t quite get on a keyboard.”

So let your pen roam free and get creative by doing a bit of handwriting this summer!