Creative Writing Guide For Beginners

Have you always fancied trying creative writing but don’t know where to start? Well, have a read of our creative writing guide for beginners and we are sure you’ll be writing poetry or short stories in no time at all.

What is creative writing?

Before you start your first ever poem or novel it is important you know exactly what creative writing is . . .

Website Writers Treasure defines creative writing as being: “any writing, fiction, poetry, or non-fiction, that goes outside the bounds of normal professional, journalistic, academic and technical forms of literature.”

Creative writing prompts and tips from the experts

Writers Haris Čolić and Lacey Dearie have shared their creative writing prompt and tips with us.

  • Lacey told us: “I feel the most important thing is having the right mind-set. Anyone with an average level of English and a fertile imagination can write. You don’t have to be a university graduate. The most important thing is having the stamina to see the creative writing project through until the end.
  • She also had these wise words for anyone brave enough to give writing a book ago: “The world is full of super-intelligent and creative people who really want to be writers, but they’re not actually sitting down and writing a book. That is my main tip for those who want to write a book. Sit down and write it!”
  • Haris says: “If you are writing literary fiction, then my advice would be to forget about the rules. Every great literacy fiction writer got famous by breaking all the rules, and writing something completely different and unexpected.”
  • He added: “Think hard about the message you want to send to your readers. Write down a short synopsis that will help you develop a story around it. Be brave.”
  • One key creative writing tip from Haris is: “Make your writing interesting and diverse by choosing unconventional words.”
  • He also says: “Never change your pace. It will bore the reader.”


To find out more about Haris and his creative writing projects follow him on Twitter -@TheHarisColic.


You can find out more about Lacey Dearie by visiting her Amazon author page.


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