Starting Primary School – Here’s What You Need To Know!

As part of our Back To School blog series we want to make sure you and your child are ready for their first day at primary school.

Here are FIVE tips to read before your little one has their first day at primary school.

Tip number one: Remember to take a photo  

Whether you choose to share it on social media, or not, make sure you take a pic of your child on their very first day at school.

In years to come this photograph will make a lovely keepsake to look back on, especially if you take a photo of your children each time they start a new school year.

Tip number two: Don’t compare your child!

Your child might be starting school just before they turn five or just after they’ve turned four, so there can be a big age gap in reception classes.

Educationally it is important you don’t compare your child to others in their class. Remember every child has their own strengths which will be encouraged throughout their primary education.

Tip number three: Be prepared to get emotional

When school starts it’s perfectly normal your little one to get a bit nervous or teary, along with you also!

Be ready to put on your bravest of brave faces. Be confident for your child, even if you do cry your eyes out once they are safely settled in the classroom with their teacher! Remember to take a pack of tissues for the long walk back to the car.

Tip number four: Label EVERYTHING!

All parents know that kids are great at losing things.

Save yourself money and the stress of looking through the smelly lost property box by labelling your children’s uniform, shoes, coats and P.E. kit.

It is worth investing in a uni-ball Super Ink Marker which are fade and water resistant.

Tip number five: Keep lots of spares

When school starts we have no doubt your little one will head into the classroom looking pristine. Trust me, even with the best will it doesn’t last.

If you want to keep your child looking reasonably smart throughout the school year, make sure you stock up on spares of the key uniform essentials.

School shirts and trousers are normally available, at a reasonable price, from the big supermarket brands.

What are your tips?

Parents we want to read your top tips for sending your child to school for the first time. What helpful suggestions were you given when your child started primary school?

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