How to Get Your Child Ready For Primary School

If your child is about to start school for the first time or return after the holidays, check out our fun ways to get your child prepared for school!

First day of school

First things first, there is absolutely no pressure for children to be able to read or write their name before they start school. And you definitely shouldn’t force them to try any of our fun activities below. Remember, every child learns at their own pace.

You can find out your child’s readiness for school here, in our uni-ball blog post – How Ready is Your Child to Start Primary School?.  

Get creative

As you know we are huge advocates of encouraging you to get creative with your kids. Painting, drawing, cutting and sticking, are all great ways of improving your child’s fine motor skills.

So it’s time to get messy with your little one and create a masterpiece or two they can be proud of!


Role play

If your child doesn’t go to preschool you can always teach them more about school by turning it into a game.

Pretend to take the register with all their toys or get them to practise packing their school bag and PE kit.


Get reading

Reading to your child is a key part of getting them ready for school. There are also loads of lovely craft activities you can do based around books.

So get to your local library, borrow some children’s’ classics and get reading!


Stationery shopping

Some kids get really excited about their first day of school whereas others are understandably nervous.

If your little one is worried why not go on a stationery shopping spree? Hopefully getting lots of fun new stationery treats will make the thought of school seem less daunting.

 Paint some rocks for new friends

Rock Painting is huge right now and a great way to keep the kids occupied and creative. Encourage them to paint faces, bugs… whatever they want on their little stones, then take them into school to either hide in the playground, or perhaps give to a new friend.

Check out one of our rock painting articles here.


How have you helped prepare your little one for their first day at school?

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