How to make mindful mandalas

Want to know how to make mindful mandalas? We’ve got very simple general instructions that you can follow to produce beautiful designs time after time. We’ve also showcased some gorgeous mandala patterns made using a range of uni-ball pens.

Why mandalas?

Mandala designs are an incredibly popular way of practising creativity and mindfulness. The act of creating these intricate circular design requires patience and meditation. Therefore making a mandala can be an excellent distraction from anxious thoughts and a great way of getting ‘in the zone’ and honing your concentration. Check out the step by step mandala project we created for Hobbycraft here.

A mandala to suit you

You can create a beautiful mandala design with any of our uni-ball pen ranges. It all depends on the overall look you want.

Mandala with PIN pens

Mandala design created with grey, sepia and black pin pens

Here we show you how different uni-ball products can give your mandala a varied look and feel. Above we’ve combined sepia, light and dark grey and black uni PIN pens.  As you can see the variation in colour and tone in these pen colours create a muted, subtle design even when the actual shapes and motifs are very decorative.

Mandalas with SIGNO metallic pens

Beautiful mandala design created with metallic SIGNO gel pens

In contrast, you can see how bright and vibrant metallic SIGNO pens, can transform a simple design. We love this combination of pink, purple and gold.

Mandala with watercolour and PIN pens

Mandala design with watercolour and black PIN fine line pens

You can also combine black and white with colour. PIN pens are waterproof so you can overlay an intricate mandala design using PIN pens over washes of vibrant watercolour.

And of course for a vibrant punch of colour, why not create a mandala with Eye designer pens? This 0.7mm nib pen is available in black, blue, green, light blue, light green, orange, pink, red, violet and wine so you have a wealth of colour options.

Mindful mandalas with uni EYE pens

Colourful mandala design with EYE designer pens

Mandala step by step

So here are some simple, step by step instructions on how to make a mandala…

1: Use a compass to create smooth, accurate circles.
2: When planning your design, make a foundation circle as a guide.
3: After creating the main circle, use a pencil to draw one line horizontally in the center of the circle, then another vertically to create four equal quadrants. Twist the circle and make additional intersecting pencil lines through the quadrants so you have eight sections through the circle, this will help you create evenly spaced imagery when introducing additional embellishments such as petals and lines.
4: Create your mandala design in pencil and go over with your PIN. Remember to practice various strokes and shapes on a piece of scrap paper before you commit it to your finished piece.