One pen, three colours: The NEW Jetstream 3

Marking, list-making, doodling or writing; whatever the task, you’ve got it covered with the new Jetstream 3.

The new Jetstream 3

The Jetstream 3 is a brand new pen and has three retractable rollerball nibs in one pen barrel so you can write in red, black or blue.

More than a rollerball

The new Jetstream 3

The Jetstream 3 gives you so much more than a regular tricolour rollerball pen. Its hybrid Jetstream ink contains a special solvent for fast writing that reduces friction on the page by 40 per cent. This in turn gives you a smooth, even writing experience.

The pen’s fast flowing ink dries nine times faster than a standard ballpoint so there’s less smudging, making the pen ideal for left-handers. And, whatever hand you write with or colour ink you choose, you can be sure that the pen’s 1.0mm ball will provide a strong, flowing line.

Perfect for professionals and everyday

The new Jetstream 3

This is the perfect go-to writing instrument for home or office. Ideal for school studies, jotting down work notes or relaxing with a crossword, puzzle or Sudoku, the Jetstream 3 is fantastic everyday pen for practical tasks or down-time but also for when it matters. The pen’s innovative Jetstream ink has the added benefit of uni-ball’s Super Ink technology. This is a fade free, water resistant and tamper proof ink, that ensures your writing will last. It’s an excellent choice for writing essays, signing legal documents and composing important handwritten keepsakes for loved ones to treasure.

The Jetstream 3 has a sleek innovative build, which means it’s great to handle too. So, whether you plump for a clear or coloured barrel, the pen’s rubberised grip has been ergonomically designed to make it easy and comfortable to write with for both right and left-handers.