Express yourself with Creative Escape

The team at uni-ball are always looking for ways our products can help people in their everyday life. With this in mind, we’ve launched Creative Escape. This is our campaign to help you de-stress and be more mindful. 

Creative Escape from Uni-ball

Express yourself! 

Life can get pretty stressful sometimes. Exams, relationships, finances and spending less time being in the moment and experiencing the here and now. This all adds up to worry and stress. We wanted to help alleviate this and give you some interactive methods to relax, express yourself and create some “you time”! 

Creative Escape is our gift to you. Our marker in the sand in the massively important quest for improving our mental health, and we’re championing the power of the pen to achieve this.

Creative Escape with uni-ball

Be guided by experts 

Working with some of the UK’s finest Creative Writers and Artists we’ve produced a wide selection of easy to follow, quick and creative exercises designed specifically to give you more balance and flow, similar to that of a meditative state. 

Creative Escape with Uni-ball

Explore, play and create 

You don’t need to be creative to feel immediate benefits as our artists have developed a range of creative projects that anyone can do. Plus our easy to follow videos talk you through every activity so you don’t have to worry. 

Our super easy creative exercises fall into two hands-on categories: “write” and “draw”. This activity will give you the opportunity to explore, play and create! Simply visit the Creative Escape website, choose an exercise you like the look of, watch the 30-second tutorial, pick up your uni-ball pen, then see where your creativity takes you.