5 ways with your uni-ball Eye pens

Uni-ball Eye pens are amazing! Perfect for use at home, school, and work, all Eye pens write (and draw) like a dream. Whether you opt for the Eye Fine, Eye Micro, Eye Designer, and Eye Needle you’ll be guaranteed a smooth ink flow and skip-free line. So make the most of your writing tools as we show you five ways to enjoy your uni-ball Eye pens.

Card and letter writing

When it matters, you want your handwriting to last. Uni-ball Eye pens contain fade-proof, water-resistant and tamper-proof uni Super ink, so your important messages have longevity. This makes the pens ideal for cards and letter writing – creating perfect keepsakes loved ones can treasure.

Colourful doodles and designs

Eye pens come in a wide range of vivid colours – all in that rich, opaque uni Super ink. We love creating colourful doodles with Eye Designer pens. And, because they perform so well you can also utilise the Eye’s colours to devise some detailed technical drawings and designs.

Daring drawings

Seeing as we’re getting creative why not use your Eye pens to draw with? We used Eye Needle pens to draw these insects.  Eye Needle pens provide you with a very, very fine line coupled with dense ink coverage. These qualities make the pens excellent tools for producing beautiful drawings as it produces a variation in line, tone and colour coverage.

Joyous journals

Create cool journaling with uni-Eye
We love journaling at uni-ball. Making a bullet or art journal is a brilliant way of setting goals and objectives while perfecting your drawing and honing your handwriting too. Ensure your journals are exciting and colourful by making use of all the Eye’s colours.

Have a go at hand lettering

Hand lettering is so on-trend right now and is such a great way of personalising your stationery and journaling creations. Use your Eye pens to whip up a whole alphabet. For help on your hand-lettering, check out our guide here.