Draw a quirky cat with uni-PIN pens

Do you like our crazy cattery? We have the easiest guide to drawing quirky cats with uni-PIN pens.

Uni-PIN pens are amazing to work with. Loved by professional artists, the PIN features uni-ball’s signature fade-proof and water-resistant Super Ink. It can easily be used with watercolour work as the ink will not smudge when wet.

Its wide selection of nib sizes and easy handling means the PIN pens are perfect for creating a tonal range, so it’s excellent for detailed artwork. The extensive range of pen sizes available in the PIN range also allows you to create several line widths, so they are often used for landscape and architectural sketches. It’s strong, solid lines also make the pen an ideal choice for graphic drawing and hand-lettering.

The nib is supported and protected by steel meaning the PIN drawing pens are long-lasting and will not be damaged from use with stencils.

Draw a cat step 1

Start by drawing two circles, one large, one small. The larger one at the bottom and smaller at the top. You can vary the distance between the circles to create slimmer or fatter felines.

Draw a cat step 2

Link the circles with curved lines as shown to create a body. Then draw some bass lines at the bottom to anchor the shape (see below).

Draw a cat step 3

Now give your cat features by drawing simple curves and shapes to denote the face. Now give the creature pointed ears with curved triangles on the top of the smaller circle.

Draw in a long, curly tail at the side and some paws at the front as seen below.

Draw a cat step 4

Use your brush pen to colour in the cat and to add furry depth and texture.

Be playful

Once coloured in, you’ve finished your drawing. You can use and vary the steps we’ve outlined above to make a range of different types of cats. As mentioned before, you can vary the proximity and angle of your circles to create cats of different sizes and various poses.  You can also alter where you position the facial features to produce a range of feline characters.