5 fab projects with EMOTT ever-fine markers

We love our new EMOTT pens. So much so we want to show you 5 fab projects you can enjoy with EMOTT ever-fine markers.

The EMOTT’s spectrum of 40 colours (from pretty candy shades and soft pastels to bold, vivid, primary hues and deep, evocative earth tones) suit a range of moods, looks and lifestyles.

The pens’ impeccable build quality make the EMOTT a dependable marker that you will love and treasure. While the pens look sleek and delicate, the EMOTT’s durable tip doesn’t bend or split. This ensures a consistent line-width at any angle or pressure. Plus, its clear line, excellent colour coverage and water-resistant, non-bleed and fade-proof ink means work created with the EMOTT ever-fine markers looks crisp and will last an age.

You can escape into a world of colour by using the pens to practice mindful arts, crafts, journaling and writing with shades that suit your personality and individual style. So here’s some fun ideas to get started with your EMOTTs…

1: Make a mandala

EMOTT Pens from Uni-ball

Mandala designs are an incredibly popular way of practising creativity and mindfulness. The act of creating these intricate circular design requires patience and meditation. Therefore making a mandala can be an excellent distraction from anxious thoughts and a great way of getting ‘in the zone’ and honing your concentration. You can utilise the EMOTT’s wide range of vivid colours to create a range of beautiful, colourful designs.

2: Draw patterned leaves

Patterned leaves with EMOTT pens

Here’s an easy but effective design to try. Artist and uni-ball ambassador Ella Johnston was inspired by Scandinavian graphic design when she created her patterned leaf motifs. In the video below she shows how you can really make the most of the EMOTT’s fine line and excellent colour coverage to great a set of stylish leaves. This video also illustrates the therapeutic benefits of drawing and making simple marks too. So why not grab a set of EMOTT ever-fine markers and try this yourself?

3: Doodle decorative hearts

Decorative hearts with EMOTT pens

We love these funky hearts and think they look great when grouped together. Essentially if you can draw a simple heart you can create this design. Again you can take advantage of the variation in line that EMOTT ever-fine markers produce to produce an effective illustration. You can also have fun with this technique with SIGNO pens as shown in this video below…

4: Art inspired by nature

You can also create fantastic art work and illustration with EMOTT pens. The colours don’t blend but they do overlay nicely to produce a lovely artistic finish as you can see on this butterfly and blossom piece above.

5: Make cards and greetings

Make cards with EMOTT pens

Yes, paper-craft and card-making fans will love EMOTT ever-fine markers. Check out this beautiful hand-script and floral greeting. The fine line allows you to make gorgeous fine handwriting and line drawing and the colour combinations help to produce a vibrant, exciting design. These are essential paper-craft pens.