Get journaling with uni-ball pens

We want you to get journaling with uni-ball pens. Journaling is so cool, especially with uni-ball. Our pens are so varied you can have fun with so many different looks.

Scrapbooks and journals are a fab way of documenting your life. Making a bullet journal to record your interests, reflect on those special moments and capture a moment in time.

Making an art journal is a brilliant way of perfecting your drawing and honing your handwriting too.  Journaling is also ideal for working on your mindfulness. So, why not give journaling a try? Here are five fun ideas to try with uni-ball pens…

1: Go outside with EYE DESIGNER

Getting outside and being in nature is so good for you. So take a walk and notice the things you like about being outdoors. Use what you’ve learned to make a fun and creative journal page of all the things you can do to make the most of being outdoors in a particular season. You can do one for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. We did our late spring one with our EYE DESIGNER pens. We loved making use of the EYE’s range of vibrant colours.

2: Make lists with SIGNO GEL PENS

We LOVE lists. And what better way to add life to your lists than to give them an injection of colour with SIGNO gel pens? We’ve used our SIGNO pastel pens here to make a pretty list that will brighten the prospect of even the dullest of chores!

3: Design a delightful opening page with EMOTT colours
New EMOTT pens from the Mitsubishi Pencil Company

Have you seen our new EMOTT pens yet? They make perfect journaling companions. Here we created a floral themed journal opener using our EMOTT fine line markers. Take a look at how we did it with our video below…

4: Create a travel journal with POSCA PAINT MARKERS

Document your adventures by freeing your images from your phone, printing them out and getting them into an album? Making a travel scrapbook journal is a wonderful way to capture happy memories. Make sketches of the things that captured your interest and be playful with your choice of journal paper and pens. Here we’ve combined POSCAs and SIGNO gel pens to create this scrapbook spread.

5: Practice gratitude with PIN FINE LINE PENS

Acknowledging things to be grateful for is hugely beneficial for your mental health. A gratitude journal is a wonderful, creative way of doing this. Here we’ve calmed our mind down by creating this gratitude page with the muted colours of uni-PIN pens. We combined calming hues of sepia and gray tones with our black PIN pens to make a note of those small things that make us smile.


Have you tried our Creative Escape projects yet? We created the Creative Escape website to give you a wealth of journaling and mindfulness ideas to try with your uni-ball pens.  Check out the website here and, as a taster, take a look at one of our  Creative Escape videos below…