Creative ideas to make wet weekends fun

Don’t let the stormy weather make life gloomy. Whatever happens outside we’ve got some great creative ideas to make week weekends fun and school holidays fly by. As well as keeping little ones occupied, our crafty, creative projects will engage your children and benefit them beyond keeping the boredom at bay.


The benefits of kid’s craft

As well as it being fun, doing arts and crafts with your child is incredibly good for you both. It’s a great way of improving motor skills and mental dexterity. It also builds a sense of achievement for them as they are in control of creating something. This in turn improves confidence. An art and craft activity is a brilliant way of allowing little ones to express themselves. Practicing an art or craft creates a gentle environment to help them solve problems, make connections, learn new approaches and make decisions. Plus a crafting session gives you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your little one and will help in strengthening your bond.

Customise clothes with POSCA

Creative kids ideas: customise clothes

Unleash your child’s inner fashionista and get them to customise old clothes with POSCA paint markers. Revamp plain pumps and tote bags to show your child that they have the power to create their own unique look.

See how POSCA works on fabric with this video.

Let’s make cards with SIGNO gel pens
Signo gel stick

Card-making is a real quick win craft. Simply grab some plain card and your uni-ball pen stash and you are away. Our SIGNO gel pens and  gel sticks are a versatile pen for all kinds of paper craft.

These pens are all about the fun times. The perfect pens to get out on a rainy day to play with, to whip up those handmade cards and much-loved colourful drawings. The uni-ball Signo Gelstick pen is a great value, top quality gel ink pen. They’re available in loads of vibrant ink colours, making it perfect for school, work and home.

Like all SIGNO gel pens, they are a brilliant pen to use with the kids. Gelsticks feature a twin-ball ink control to prevent leaks plus the ink is fade-free, water resistant and tamper proof so you can treasure your little ones creations for years to come.

The joy of journaling with EYE pens

EYE outdoors journal

Why not encourage the kids to keep a journal? Journaling is such a good idea for children as it allows them to hone so many skills and explore a variety of different things. And there are a wealth of ideas to try and you can use your everyday EYE pens…

Journaling can help your child improve their handwriting and allow them to concentrate and focus on a subject for their pages. Making a creative journal can also help your child explore drawing and self expression – it’s a great hobby for a shy little one. You can be as simple or as complex as you like.

You can get the kids to be inspired by nature and make a note of what they like about the outdoors or indeed what they have spotted in their garden, outside their window or in the local park. Check out our outdoor love list (above) and our garden birds journal (below) created with EYE designer and EYE fine pens. 

Paint pebbles with POSCA

Stone painting is ridiculously easy with POSCA pens. The paint markers work effortlessly over the pebbles. The great thing is you don’t have to faff about with pots and paints. And of course you can blend your POSCAs while they are wet and overlay the markers when they are dry allowing for a wealth of possibilities.

Try simple designs such as colourful fishes and cute owls to create a little set of characters for your tribe to play with. 

Check out our pebble painting video here… 

Be inspired online

We have lots of videos on our YOUTUBE channel to follow and inspire so, take a look, pick your favourite and try it for yourself with the family. We also have a fab PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM gallery you can take a look at for more inspo.