Update and personalise a kid’s bedroom with POSCA

Looking about the house and thinking it could do with an update? We’ve got five fab cheap and easy ideas to help you personalise a kid’s bedroom. These simple hacks should delight your tween and expand their creativity, as you can get them involved in the process. Not only is this a brilliant stay at home activity for the home crafting but it’s also a great ploy to get them to tidy their room!

The amazing thing about kids is that every year is different. A style or trend that was so important last term is passé now. So how do you make sure a kid’s bedroom reflects their tastes without spending lots of money?  POSCA can be the answer.

POSCA paint markers are ideal for all sorts of up-cycling and home hacks as they work on practically any surface. We’ve put them to good use on these kids bedroom ideas here. 


kids bedroom sign with POSCA

The first thing you can do to make a room feel like theirs is to make a simple name sign. We painted this wooden blank with white acrylic and used a gorgeous 3M fuchsia pink POSCA to write our name. If you want some help and tips in hand-lettering check out our guide here…


Star votives kids bedroom hacks
Subtle little nightlights are great for a creating a relaxing twinkling environment and, with the help of POSCA you can co-ordinate them with your child’s bedroom look too. We used ultra fine 1mr POSCAs in cool blue, purple and pink tones to draw stars on plain ceramic votives. Then we filled them with LED lights to create a set of charming lanterns. This trio would look fab on a tween or teens bedside table. They are perfect for a kid’s bedroom. 


POSCA banner for kids bedroom
Kids love to express themselves and we love this sweet, easy make to give them a voice to display their beliefs and slogans or just say “hi”.  All you need is some paper, string, double-sided tape and some doweling. Simply cut out a banner shape (a rectangle with inverted ‘v’ snipped from the bottom) and draw or write your design with a co-ordinating POSCA. Then attach the paper along with your string to the doweling to hang. Combine them with patterned papers for the ultimate designer treatment.


Storage keeps things organised and tidy and great for a kid’s bedroom. But, while it’s essential, it needn’t be boring. In fact it’s an AMAZING opportunity to get creative by personalising and decorate. Get some plain wooden boxes that can hide a wealth of tween/teen treasures and go for it! You can give them a magical look by adorning them with a colourful unicorn and star design using our pack of 5M POSCAs. Or give these wooden boxes a stylish mono look and enjoy mark-making with our black POSCA set which gives you ALL the nib sizes in black.

POSCA storage case for kids bedroom


Initial artwork for kids bedroom

This is so simple but so very effective for a kid’s bedroom. Source a vintage style frame and some patterned paper, then get a chose initial, decorate with POSCA, attach to your patterned background with strong double-sided tape and hang. You can create a whole set of little letter designs, check out our HOME sign below.

Framed HOME cardboard letters updated with POSCA 1M makers

Alternatively you can grab some mdf letters, decorate with POSCA, and make a free-standing ‘HOME’ sign. This idea would be great for a child’s name.

POSCA home sign