Creative ways with your uni-Eye pens

While uni-ball Eye pens are a dream to write with, they are also amazing for creative purposes too. The Eye range comes in so many variations of nib size, giving you a choice of line effects, and a range of vivid colours so as well as a plethora of writing options you can also decorate, design and play with this versatile, hardworking writing pen range. Here we show you five creative ways with your uni-Eye pens.

The uni-ball Eye Fine pen has been one of the world’s favourite rollerballs for more than 20 years. All pens deliver a smooth, clear and exact writing experience and use Super Ink technology which means the pens are water, fade and tamper proof. Eye pens have a window barrel that allows you to see when the ink is running out, and combined with amazing ink flow and general reliability, this means there are no concerns about the pen suddenly stopping or running out unexpectedly.  The Eye produces a consistent, flowing line and its tips are perfect for handwriting as well as sketching and technical drawing. So, once you start working with a uni-Eye pen it will be your go-to pen for work, study and fun. And the Eye range has a choice of pens to suit every writing style and task.

Creative ways with your uni-Eye pens 1: Make a mandala

If you are looking to get creative but don’t know where to start, a Mandala is ideal. They are fantastic if you want to create a beautiful image but aren’t particularly confident in your drawing abilities. It’s also a fun, creative way to explore shapes, measurements and mark-making. We chose Eye Fine pens  to create the mandala with as they come in a wide range of colours for you to play with. The amazing thing about a mandala is that once you master the initial technique, you can come up with an array of designs. We have created a handy mandala step by step guide using the Eye Fine colour collection to show you through the basics.

uni Eye Mandala

Cool ways with your uni-Eye pens 2: Get drawing

Depending on your drawing style, you can use uni-Eye pens to create some powerful sketches. Why not utilise the delicate 0.5mm or 0.7mm line of the Eye Micro or Designer for detailed drawings? The intense ink coverage teamed with the pens’ slim line can look incredibly effective in sketches and visual studies as seen in this feather piece below.

Draw with uni-eye pens

We made the most of the two shades of blue available with the Eye Fine to create this graphic elephant design below. As you can see we can enjoy its clear, crisp 0.7mm tip to create curves and lines and its rich ink coverage to put together this ornate illustration.

uni eye illustration
You can also take advantage of the Eye Broad’s bold, robust 1.0mm line to make eye-catching art pieces. The Broad not only makes a strong confident line but its ink flow is fabulous so you get striking ink coverage on the page. We made the most of this with our simple poppy flower sketch as shown below.

Draw with uni-Eye Broad pen

Creative ways with your uni-Eye pens 3: Colouring in

One of the reasons we love the Eye Fine collection is that it’s a properly versatile range. You can write beautifully with the Eye Fine for your work and hobbies as well as you can draw with them. Plus you can let the kids use them for colouring or indeed indulge in a bit of mindful adult colouring in yourself. The amazing thing is that you won’t break the Eye Fine if you apply pressure on the nib so they are great for even the most heavy-handed user.

uni eye colouring in

Cool ways with your uni-Eye pens 4: Decorate with Eye Needle

If you like your writing and drawing super neat, get acquainted with the Eye Needle. The Needle’s beautifully fine 0.5mm needlepoint tip is just perfect when you want an elegant, clear script as it produces the most refined of fine lines. This also makes it a great choice for when you want to draw fiddly patterns and motifs such as very fine lettering and paisley patterns.

Eye needle
Because the pens make such elegant thin lines, the Eye Needle is also a great choice for decorating small delicate objects such as gift boxes and tags. They are particularly good for things like delicate leaf and botanical illustrations as seen here. Again we took advantage of the Needle’s red, green and blue colour ways.

Decorate with Eye Needle

Creative ways with your uni-Eye pens 5: Practice hand lettering

There has been so much buzz around hand-lettering of late and we can see why. Great hand-lettering pieces can look highly effective, particularly in large format. We think the Eye Designer pen collection make really cool large format letters. We used the Eye Designer pens to create large initial postcards. This is a good way to practice for a larger piece of slogan work for a poster or notice.   These particular rollerballs is a very good tools for this task; the 0.7mm is slim enough to create a slim, elegant line but not too slim to be lost on a large format. The Designer’s range of colours (black, blue, green, light blue, light green, orange, pink, red, violet and wine) is great for when you want to create a bright, vibrant hand-scripted artwork.

practice handlettering with EYE