Pen of the month – uni Eye rollerball

With our thoughts turning to school, study (and who knows if you’re lucky, writing the odd postcard) we’re showcasing the uni-Eye rollerball collection as our pen of the month.

The uni-ball Eye’s history

The Mitsubishi Pencil Company created the first uni-ball rollerball in 1979. Its excellent quality and fantastic writing finish made it an instant success. Building on this, uni-ball Eye rollerball was developed and launched in 1994. It is still one of the world’s most popular rollerballs. Why? Because we combine quality, innovation and design to deliver an exceptional writing experience every time.

One of the most amazing things about the Eye range is that it’s available in range of nib sizes and colours to suit your writing preference or a particular project, here we run through each pen in the range. All the pens combine style and substance and feature a handy ink window in the barrel to indicate your ink levels, so you won’t get caught out

Eye needle

Eye Needle

Do you know someone who likes to write small and precise? The uni-ball Eye Needle is made for people who wish to fill every bit of their pages with tiny text or intricate, delicate doodles.

While this needle tip can create refined, delicate writing, it’s no wimp. The 0.5mm nib may be fine, but its strong needle tip can withstand heavy pressure without bending or breaking. Plus the Eye’s smooth-flowing solid pigment ink makes writing legible at practically any size. This is a discerning, thoughtful choice for a someone who loves to write down their thoughts and make little notes.

Decorate with Eye Needle

As you’d expect from this much loved pen, the Eye’s ink is water resistant, fade-free and tamper proof, making it an excellent choice for short notes, important documents or lengthy written projects. A smashing all-rounder for those who like a neat and tidy script. It’s also brilliant for super fine hand-rendered lettering and tiny illustrations.

The Eye Needle is available in black, blue, red and green with coordinating barrel colour.

Journal with uni-Eye pens

Eye Micro

If you’re the household’s organiser in chief, you want to go for a safe bet when picking pens for the family. The Eye Micro is a smart choice.

Super reliable and excellent quality, the uni-ball Eye Micro writes clearly but with refinement, featuring a super slim elegant line. It really does the job, and delivers smooth flowing, rich ink to the page with a consistent skip-free line.

The Eye Micro contains uni Super Ink which is fade-free, water resistant and tamper proof making the pen ideal for all manner of uses from list-making and household notes to important documents..

Its Micro 0.5mm nib is excellent for neat handwriting with a little flourish making it a great pen for writing greeting cards and scribing thoughtful notes. The precise line is great for those who take pride in seeing fine, delicate written words on the page.

Eye Designer Pen

Eye Designer

Yes we want a reliable handwriting pen, but the Eye Designer has a whole heap of of style too.

The Eye Designer gives you the best of both worlds. A great looking pen, in a choice of funky colours, that gives you consistent and continuous ink flow right to the last drop.

Eye Designer pens

With its vibrant chequerboard metallic barrel, the Eye Designer is a great buy for students, combining style and substance.  It contains uni-ball’s fade and fraud proof Super Ink, making it ideal for important stuff like college work, note-taking or perhaps the odd doodle. It’s dependable too, with a smooth ink flow for effortless writing, and a hardwearing stainless steel tip that can take the toughest of treatments.

The pen’s fine 0.7mm nib writes like a dream and is perfect for little drawings too. The Eye Designer is available in black, blue, green, light blue, light green, orange, pink, red, violet and wine.

uni Eye Mandala

Eye Fine

Sometimes you’ve gotta go with an all round classic.  The uni-ball Eye pen is super dependable and writes cleanly and clearly. It also comes in a great selection of colours, making it great for the whole family and lots of different tasks.

Its strong and sturdy 0.7mm nib writes with a solid, precise line. Plus, as it’s available in black, blue, green, light blue, light green, orange, pink, red, violet and wine giving you lots of creative options for handwritten projects.

We think this collection is ideal for home work, studies, signing important documents or hand-writing those much treasured thank you cards. However we also think the Eye Fine is the actually the perfect range for bullet journals and some creative adult colouring in and doodling (we love making mandalas with this range).

Draw with uni-Eye Broad pen

Eye Broad

Some of us like a neat, compact writing style and some of us like to be bold and write broad!

The new Eye Broad has everything you’d expect from your uni-ball Eye pen –  reliability, smooth flowing ink and a comfortable grip – but now this one has 1.0mm rollerball for solid, full-bodied handwriting. Just the pen for when you need clear, easy-to-read script.

It’s also brilliant for the fashion fans too! This fine looking tool has sleek rose-gold barrel that looks gorgeous as part of a stylish stationery stash.

The Broad is made for an expressive soul. It writes beautifully, with a uni-flow’ system to ensure a consistent and continuous ink flow right to the last drop. So, while you let those words cascade onto the page, you don’t have to worry about the pen jamming or ink running out. For extra belt and braces, the Eye barrel’s ubiquitous handy ink window lets you know in good time when it’s time to replace your pen.