Love writing, hate waste, introducing uni-ball refills

Reduce your carbon footprint and plastic consumption while extending the life of your favourite writing pens with uni-ball refills.

Signo 207 refill

Always looking for ways to be more sustainable, uni-ball has launched a collection of refillable pen packs for its Gel Impact, Vision Elite, JetStream and SIGNO 207 Rollerball ranges. This will allow stationery fans to keep using your beloved pens for longer while reducing your plastic use.

Jetstream refill

All in one solution

Available in environmentally friendly plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable packs, the refill sets include two fully working pens and two additional refills for the Gel Impact, Vision Elite, JetStream and SIGNO 207 Rollerball ranges. These specially designed packs provide an all-in-one solution and means no more hunting around for the correct refill for a specific pen.

Gel Impact refill

Two pens, two refills = less waste

The new uni-ball refill packs effectively double the lifespan of the pens; reducing the need for more plastic consumption. The all-in-one package is a convenient buy and an easy way to go green.

Simply make one purchase, use the pens, and refill without compromising on the quality of your handwriting.

Vision Elite refills

The bigger picture

Uni-ball wants to make choosing the greener option to be the obvious, fuss-free choice. The launch of these refill packs are part of uni-ball’s continuing work to be a more sustainable business and to provide the customer with simple, green solutions.

Last year the company launched plastic-free packaging for its key pen ranges including the refill packs.   Every effort was made to make the packaging as eco-friendly as possible, ensuring it wasn’t just plastic-free but it was fully biodegradable and recyclable as well as bring manufactured to highest environmentally friendly criteria.