Amazing writing pen showcase

If you love writing and take pride in your handwritten script, you know how important it is to get the right pen to suit your style. Our amazing writing pen showcase introduces you to three of our favourite writing pens. Take a look and see which one would work for you.

Air Micro

The Air Micro

Delicate fountain-pen handwriting looks incredibly accomplished. With the uni Air pen, you can get that fine fountain-style flow without the fiddle and faff of changing cartridges and worrying about leaks.

The uni-ball Air Micro is ideal for when you need the finesse of a fine ink script but the reliability of a rollerball. It writes like a dream; just pick up an Air and let the words come as the pen tip moves smoothly across the page.

Perfect for a budding calligrapher who wants to impress with flowing, fine inky text. For a varied, stylish script, apply with a light touch for a finer line and give it a firmer pressure for a bolder edge.

Want these words to last? No problem, the Air writes with uni-ball’s famous Super Ink which is fade and water resistant and tamper proof. These reliable pens are available in black, blue and red.

The Eye Micro

Eye Micro

We love the super fine and delicate line that the Eye Micro makes. Its Micro 0.5mm nib is excellent for neat, clear handwriting, so it’s a great pen for practising your script. We think it’s perfect for writing cards and notes and looks beautifully neat on longer written pieces.

Super reliable and excellent quality, the uni-ball Eye Micro rollerball pen has been a world favourite for more than 20 years. That’s because it does its job, and delivers smooth flowing, rich ink to the page with a consistent skip-free line. This pen doesn’t jam and the the barrel’s handy ink window indicates your ink levels, so you won’t get caught out.

The Eye Micro contains uni Super Ink which is fade-free, water resistant and tamper proof making the pen ideal for all manner of uses, from lists making and household notes to important documents, school work and cards to keep and treasure.

The Vision Elite

Vision Elite

This pen is perfect for travellers.

It’s fun to while away a long flight by writing some notes, catching up on work and doing some puzzles, so it’s super annoying when your pen leaks or runs out. You won’t have those problems with the uni-ball Vision Elite.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or simply going on your holidays, pack a Vision Elite in your hand-luggage so you’ve got the right tool for your travels. The Vision Elite features ‘Airplane Safe’ technology which prevents leaks due to pressure changes in aircraft, so it’s perfect for when you’re up in the air.

The Vision Elite also contains uni Super Ink so, when you get down to earth, you can continue using it on important documents and lengthy written projects.

This clear-writing 0.8mm ball pen is available in black, blue and red, and features a pocket clip and comfort grip.

The Gel Impact

Gel Impact

If you like to express yourself in your hand-script, or know someone who does, then check out the uni-ball Gel Impact pen.

This should be your first choice when you need a sturdy pen that delivers a bold line to give you eye-catching handwriting. Use the Gel Impact pen on cards, journals, letters and keepsakes, its solid, opaque line will not disappoint. We love it on gift tags and bullet journaling.

It’s a joy to work with too, the pen’s ultra-smooth gel ink and sturdy rubber grip combines comfort, quality and reliability. The Gel Impact contains uni Super Ink ensuring your smart script looks fresh for a lifetime.

The strong, broad 1mm ball pen is available in red, blue and black.