Easy hand lettering with uni-air pen part 2

Easy hand lettering with uni-air pens

Here we’ve showing you some easy hand-lettering with uni-air pens. Whether you’re preparing school work, making notices or practicing some bullet journaling – having some hand-lettering know-how is always handy to have up your sleeve.

The uni-ball Air

Easy hand-lettering with uni-Air

The uni-ball Air Micro writes like a dream; just pick up an Air and let the words come as the pen tip moves smoothly across the page.

The pens are perfect for a budding calligraphy buff who wants to impress with flowing, fine inky text. For a varied, stylish script, apply with a light touch for a finer line and give it a firmer pressure for a bolder edge. It writes with uni-ball’s famous Super Ink, which is fade and water resistant and tamper proof.

These reliable pens are available in black, blue and red, we’re using the black and red Air Micro’s for these two hand-lettering projects.

We’ve already shown you have to work a ribbon script and a classic caps serif now we’re going to guide you through some more playful easy hand-lettering designs. So in the following steps we use our uni-ball air to show you a curved slab and dotty capped letters.

Easy hand lettering with uni-air pens, step 1

Easy hand lettering with uni-air pens

To start with your curved slab text, draw a rough letters with your pencil. You really, really don’t have to be super neat or precise with this. Your pencil lettering would act as a guide for you.

Now take your uni-Air pen to shape your hand-lettering. Use the pencil guide to create curved lines around your rough letters – the slab letters should be bulbous and curvaceous.  Don’t worry about making mistakes, you can go-over any tentative lines with your Air pen.

Easy hand lettering with uni-air pens

Step 2: easy hand lettering with uni-air pens

Easy hand lettering with uni-air pens

Once you are happy with your letter shapes colour in with your uni-Air pen. Leave the coloured-in letters to dry. When you are satisfied that all is dry, take your eraser and rub out any pencil marks.

Easy hand lettering with uni-air pens

Now you’re done!

Easy hand lettering with uni-air pens

Dotty caps!

Now these really is easy hand lettering with uni-air pens. We mean it this one couldn’t be simpler. If you can write, you can do this! And it really is done in just two easy steps.

Easy hand lettering with uni-air pens

So for this easy hand-script hack you just need your black uni-Air pen and, if you really like your writing super straight, a pencil and ruler to draw a guide line.

Write out your word in capital letters but make sure to make your edges rounded not sharp as seen in the example above.

Once you’ve written your words, draw in your dots. To make them evenly spaced, add your first at the top, your second at the bottom and the third in the middle of your letters. That way you can work out how make dots fit equally on your letters. You can make your dots as small or larger as you want – experiment to suit your style!

Easy hand lettering with uni-air pens

For more hand-lettering and drawing how tos, check out our YouTube channel where you’ll get a wealth of creative inspiration from your uni-ball pens.