Customise a satchel with POSCA Deep colours

Customise with POSCA Deep colours

POSCA pens allow you to personalise anything you like to make it your own. We show you how to revamp a rucksack and customise with POSCA deep colours.

Featuring deep, delicious hues of English Green, Ochre, Prussian Blue, Raspberry, Cacao Brown, Deep Grey and Ruby Red, these new POSCA Deep Colours are perfect for giving fashion items a personalised look. They look great on this camouflage design. The rich, sumptuous colours are showcased in an eight-piece pack with an Ivory POSCA to further complement the deeper, more classic quality of this rich new palette.

POSCA pens are effective on a range of surfaces including paper, card, stone, glass, ceramic, leather, fabric, wood and plastic, making them the perfect pen for up-cycling, personalising clothes, creating decorations or designing a greeting. The multi-purpose, multi-surface ability of the markers gives the new POSCA marker deep colours a multitude of uses making them excellent value and a great gift for the creative in your life. Find out more about POSCA pens here.

Customise with POSCA Deep colours: you will need

This easy custom fashion project requires minimum effort and kit, you just need the following items…

Customise with POSCA Deep colours

Step 1, Revamp a rucksack with POSCA deep colours

Customise with POSCA Deep colours

For a super neat finish you don’t want the POSCA Deep colours going in places where it shouldn’t. So use your masking tape to block off any areas that you want to leave blank. We have masked off the buckles and straps for our design to create contrast.

Customise with POSCA deep colours

Customise with POSCA deep colours, step 2

Once your chosen areas are masked off you can now get to grips with drawing out your camouflage design. This motif is great for beginners as it’s so forgiving. Essentially it’s drawing wavy, inter-connected cloud shapes. Draw these shapes with a pencil and then label which colours your are going to fill in. You should avoid having the same coloured shapes together. If you label the colours beforehand you should avoid the same colours touching.

Customise with POSCA deep colours

Revamp a rucksack step 3

Once you have laid out your design, you can begin colouring in as you customise with POSCA deep colours.

Customise with POSCA deep colours

You will notice that the colour flows more solidly on the shinier, leather section of the bag and look more blotchy and matte on the heavy cotton area. We really like this variation in tone but if you need a more solid coverage, wait for the first layer to dry and then add another layer of your POSCA Deep colours over the shapes.

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Customise with POSCA deep colours step 4

Decorate a bag with POSCA deep

While this design is super simple, these wavy, colourful cloud shapes need definition! So use your Deep Grey POSCA marker to outline the shapes on both the cotton and leather sections.

Customise with POSCA deep colours

Once you are satisfied with the way it looks you can spray varnish the leather section to protect it against scratches. You can also place a cloth over the cotton sections and iron over to seal in the colour. Then remove the masking tape and start using your personalised satchel with POSCA deep colours.

Revamp a rucksack