Our favourite bullet journal ideas

Bullet journal ideas

Journaling has been popular for a number of years. Here’s are some fabulous bullet journal ideas for you to explore with our uni-ball pen ranges. These ideas are cheap and fun to do as well as being beneficial for your organisational skills and mental health.

Travel bullet journal ideas

We know that ‘traveling’ isn’t really a thing right now. But even the fun of a staycation can be captured and treasured in a travel themed journal.

Travel bullet journal ideas

A travel journal is one of our favourite bullet journal ideas as you can be really playful and let your creativity run riot! Here we’ve mixed our PIN, SIGNO and POSCA pens to create handwritten and illustrative elements along with some photographs of our adventures. We’ve had fun using our white 1MR POSCA that really pops on this brown kraft card to create an opening page.

Travel bullet journal ideas

As well as our bullet lists, we have made our bullet journal pages sing by using our pens to their full potential. We’ve then played with journaling devices such as banners for text (which you can see how to create a banner in this how-to here) and illustrative borders and frames to make the pages more interesting.

See our video on creating basic bullet journal motifs here…

Happy bullet journaling!

Journaling is a great hobby and so good for honing a range of skills. One of our favourite bullet journal ideas is taking note of the good things in life.

bullet journal ideas

Scrapbooks and journals are a great way to reflect on those special moments and capture a moment in time. The practice of making a ‘good times’ journal is a brilliant way of giving yourself some creative time out and to put yourself in a positive frame of mind.

bullet journal ideas

So with journaling you can make like the song “My favourite things” and put together a creative list of things that make you smile as you can see in our PIN journal page above. Be playful, explore various hand-lettering techniques – we’ve made the most of the grey, black and sepia PIN pen colours to create a lovely looking page.

Another one of our fun, happy bullet journal ideas is to make lists of types of things you love such as books or films. Here’s our top cinema picks below, as you can see, when you mix up hand-lettering and handwriting techniques you can create a dynamic page in just one colour!

movies bullet journaling

Self-care bullet journal ideas

Self-care is important and bullet journaling is a good way of keeping on top of your self-care practice. Not only does journaling help you perfect your handwriting and drawing, it’s also a marvellous way to relieve stress, focus our thoughts and check in with how you are feeling like our simple mood tracker idea here.

bullet journal ideas

Some of the best bullet journal ideas are the ones that enable you to take a breath to gather your thoughts. There have been many studies that state the mental and physical health benefits of committing thoughts and feelings to paper. You can reflect on the good and not so good stuff. You can make a record of the things that keep you physically as well as mentally in shape like our little yoga moves page here.

yoga bullet journaling

Get organised with bullet journaling

As well as being a great way of documenting your life and taking care of body and soul you can also make a bullet journal to set goals, organise and stay on track of events and make plans. We suggest when you are making an events or organisational work style bullet journal that you create a key with symbols representing goals and things to consider.

Organisational bullet journaling

Another one of our organisational bullet journal ideas is a savings tracker. It’s a really good visual way of staying on the right path with your savings as you fill that jar with every penny and pound you put away.

Financial bullet journaling